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Project Archive: Outdoor Art

web blue lady
web wheel dog and ducks

'UP'installation, Avenham Park, Preston. A site specific art work commissioned for The Vintage Guild’ by They Eat Culture, co-curated by designers Wayne Hemingway MBE and Gerardine Hemingway MBE.

animal benches
web page big blue sky sheep
web page sheep 2182730_1
web page shipley shopper 6
web page shipley sheep 3
web page 1280px-Shipley_town_centre

Project Archive: Outdoor Artworks

The Shipley Shopper:  A Stone and Ironwork Town Centre sculpture, designed and created through consultation with the local community.

small St marys mosaics
mural city centre
d. Hoyle Court School

St Mary's community garden

recycled snake lister park
table small
table detail blog

Outdoor table, Bracken hall Countryside Centre

The Peeky Hole, Anderby, Lincolnshire

Morwenna Catt + Lucas Stephens

web page peeky hole I19
web page peeky hole owl necklace4
smanderby whole with shells
smanderby bird grass close up
web page peeky hole whole exterior
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