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The Peeky Hole

smanderby bird grass close up
smanderby hands metal
smanderby whole with shells
web page peeky hole owl necklace4

A Bird Viewing Area

Lucas Stephens + Morwenna Catt

Wolla Bank, Lincolnshire

for East Lindsey Council / Lincolnshire

Trust for Wildlife

Oak and Steel Construction

The Peeky Hole

Community element:  Working with the

local Cub Scout group, we created jewellery for the birds and beasts from driftwood and 'treasure' washed up on the shore.  They printed the names of the creatures on them and they were placed on the finished sculpture as 'ceremonial offerings' to the animals.

web page peeky hole whole exterior
web page peeky hole I19
web page peeky hole viewing I02
web page peeky hole kid stuff 02
web page peeky hole view to from path
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