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Secret Tea Party

A commission for Chrysalis Arts to create an installation for a themed 'Secret Tea Party' event at Woodend in Scarborough.  Woodend was the home of the Sitwells and the work created is a response to the Sitwells, particularly Edith Sitwell & her poetry.  


Participants were only given the venue details shortly before the event, an accompanying textile workshop the week before had them creating extravagant fascinators and brooches to wear.  On the day itself the library at Woodend was as extravagantly dressed as Edith herself, with a cast of embroidered portraits and stuffed animals.  The table was laden with cakes and fancies and a Tiny Tea Quiz was devised, in which visitors answered questions in an attempt to race birds to the top of embroidered, tiered cakes and be crowned Monarch of Tea.    

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webpage new tea party woodend
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