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200 rabbits to hide behind - installation view
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200 rabbits to hide behind - textile - installatio
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A community project representing the people of Haworth, from the youngest newborn to the oldest lady in the Village.  


Particpicants each made one figure for the net and decorated them using photographs of their hands or eyes printed onto fabric, simple stitching and personal bits and bobs such as buttons or ribbon.  


The figures were stitched into a patterned net.

Haworth Net

200 Rabbits to Hide Behind...

A tessellated net, reminiscent of an American quilt, made up of 200 stuffed camouflage fabric rabbits.


The long and laborious process of making became a meditation as the news of conflict in Iraq and then Afghanistan provided a background hum.





(The piece (left) has also bee installed with larger leather & camouflage rabbits pointing flock guns and lines of printed targets.)

Iron Curtain

red leatherette bears with Hammer & Sickle stomach motifs

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