A series of embroidered sculptural heads inspired by the Victorian "science" of phrenology.  Frankenstein-like rows of stitches replace facial features, reinforcing the surgical associations of needlework and lending an "uncanny anatomical presence".


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Phrenology: Wolf, Little Red + Grandmother

Phrenology: Little Girls

axis Phrenology grandma and Crow6 blog back blog detail small enough side views small Nav 2 right black large Phrenology Little Girls2 Phrenology Little Girls5 phrenology I (mother) front view phrenology I (mother) back view phrenology I (father) back view head3tsmall phrenology father side right phrenology I (child) back view

Phrenology: Eat the Rich

eat the rich poster letters small eat the rich 03

Phrenology: Mother, Father, Child